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For over 75 years, we've believed in selling more than just products. We've believed in selling daylight and fresh air.

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The Types of Opportunities We Offer 

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5-Star Skylight Specialists

A 5-Star Skylight Specialist is a company - or a division of a company -  fully dedicated to skylight or Sun Tunnel® installations day in and day out.  This specialized skylight installation  company will complete full service projects ranging from a single skylight installation to more complex skylight jobs. 

This company will receive the highest standard of certification at a VELUX facility, and is committed to a high level of service  in accordance with the VELUX  5-Star Skylight Specialist program requirements. As an independent contractor, this company will have the knowledge to assist customers on all VELUX products. 

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3-Star Skylight Specialists

A 3-Star Skylight Specialist is a company that focuses on a variety of products or services, as well as VELUX products. This company specializes in a specific trade, such as roofing, remodeling, or general construction. 

This company would have completed VELUX's certification program locally related to installation of our products. They may install single stand-alone skylights.

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Key Features of the Skylight Specialists Program


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