Below are answers to the frequently asked questions about the VELUX Service Partner Program. To learn even more, complete the form below, and let's talk specifics for your market.

1. What are the insurance requirements to be a part of the VELUX Service Partner Program?

All businesses that provide services to VELUX customers are required to have insurance to protect themselves and their clients from potential liabilities. The specific insurance requirements for becoming a VELUX Service Provider are listed in the service agreement.

2. How do I get paid?

VELUX Service Providers will be paid for their work by VELUX, or by the customer if the work is not covered by a warranty. The specific payment terms and methods will depend on the agreement between the service provider and the company or customer.

3. Do I need to provide specific information to VELUX about the work that was performed?

It is important for service partners to collect relevant information while on the job to ensure that VELUX can track any ongoing issues to provide the best possible service to their clients. The information that will be most useful to collect includes the model code of the products, the number of products on the job site, and any other relevant details about the products (installation height, room it’s located in, roof pitch/material etc.)

4. How do I receive the service tickets?

Service work is typically assigned to service providers by a VELUX Technical Service Representative. The service provider may receive the work through various channels, such as by phone, email, or through an online platform. The most common method is through email.

5. Are there any documentations available to help service providers with issues they may come across?

Yes, we have a public help library for service providers to view with documents on how to fix certain issues.

6. What do I do when I receive a new job request?

Once the service provider receives the work, they will typically review the details of the job and assess the necessary resources and tools required to complete it. The service provider may then accept the work and schedule a time to begin the service. In some cases, the job requires parts to be replaced. If that is the case the VELUX Technical Representative will have determined this prior to sending you the ticket and will place an order for the parts to be sent to the service company or the homeowner directly.

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